Photography by Knittgenstein

We put these tags up on Sydney Road the other night and it promptly rained for the next 24 hours. I wonder how they fared…

Photography by Knittgenstein


Cork and Berlin

On a recent(ish) trip to Europe, we added these to the collection. The Knitwits go international!





By Knittin’ Kitten 2011

by Knittin' Kitten

The latest tag, on Sydney Road, we never wander far from home….

It’s hard to see in the photo but it read ‘This is Knot Graffiti’.


Photography by Knittgenstein.

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Shades of Grey Hair Band

Grey Alpaca / Wool Beanie

Brunswick Library

by Knittin' Kitten

by Knittin' Kitten

On a visit to Brunswick Library yesterday, we noticed that someone had tagged the bike stand outside the front door. This inspired us to add a tag of our own, to also say hello.

Was this first tag yours? Leave us a comment!

Tag by Knittin’ Kitten, photography by Knittgenstein.


Last night in Northcote, these two pole cosies appeared. One of them was made by Kittgenstien’s mum! The other by Knittin’ Kitten. Photography by Knittgenstien (the good photo) and Knittin’ Kitten (the dark photo). One is outside a cool little craft store, the other is outside Open Studio, on High Street. Enjoy!

by Knittgenstien's mum

by Knittin' Kitten


by Knittin' Kitten

We left this little flower in a roadside plant pot in Fitzroy last night. It was dark so it was difficult to get a good photo of it but hopefully it will brighten up someone’s day today.

We hope to make more of these little flowers as they are so quick and easy to do and leave them all over the city. Keep your eyes peeled. 🙂