Welcome to the Knit Wits blog, yarn bombing around Melbourne and beyond. Our philosophy is one promoting creativity, non-violence and making the world a cosier and more colourful place.

We see knitting as a friendly, non-permanent way of making our mark on the public landscape. We enjoy the idea of the incongruity of finding something soft, bright and handmade in the modern urban environment. Something warm and inviting where you least expect it.

The Knit Wits’ core members are Knittgenstein and Knittin’ Kitten. We are open to the ideas and contributions of others as long as they don’t conflict with our core values. We hope to regularly update this blog with photos of our latest bombs and creations.

Stay tuned!


Light Hearts

Well it’s up and running. I’ve gone down and attached our pieces and had some fun making some pieces on the spot, being imaginative and wrapping yarn around the structure. If you’re in Melbourne over the next month, check it out.





Big kudos to Knitting for Art http://www.knittingforart.com/ who sent me some pieces to attach on her behalf. And Twilight Taggers http://www.facebook.com/pages/Twilight-Taggers/373522532669 who did the lighting frame which you can see in the background of many of these photos.

The Light Hearts installation is being erected in Federation Square and over the next few days our contributions will be added to the structure. Check out the official Fed Square website here http://www.fedsquare.com/index.cfm?pageID=486

Stay tuned for photos of our knitting, and those of the other contributers over the coming days!

Today a package arrived from the UK packed with great pieces from Knitting for Art.

Check out Alison’s website at http://www.knittingforart.com

These pieces will look great at the Light in Winter Festival!

Knitting for Art

My latest creations


Pole Cosy

Check out the Lights in Winter Facebook page for regular updates from the contributing artists. More photos coming soon when I have a free moment!


Knittin’ Kitten is participating in a yarn-bombing project in Federation Square, Melbourne this Winter. It is loosely themed around light and fire in Winter. Knitted and crocheted pieces will be adorning lanterns and the poles of a temporary structure. Here are some pictures of what we’ve got so far.

We are working with other local artists to make this project a success. Stay tuned for more updates!

New Look Page

Welcome to the new look KnitWits blog!

I thought the old layout looked a bit dark and crowded so here’s a brighter, cleaner page to enjoy. Stay posted for some exciting developments in the world of yarn bombing in Melbourne. We are involved in a very exciting up-coming project. More updates to come!